Rules & Prizes

To the meat and potatoes aka the rules of the contest.

  • Step one, make sure you're a member of the Prusa Community facebook group.
  • Step two, this contest is a theme based on Music so head to the facebook group and find out more.
  • Step three, take pictures of your print making sure to get 1 image of the object actually printing on your machine so we can verify that you're using an Original Prusa printer.
  • Step four, you may submit up to 3 images of your print including that 1 image of it printing on your Prusa printer so pick the best 2 images you have along with the verification print. Whether it's a MK2, an MMU, the MK3, or even a Zaribo or Bear mod, as long as it runs the prusa firmware then you're welcome to register and upload your images to this contest.
  • Step five, please fill in the description of each photo you upload and please note whether your print is in the Print Quality or Post Processed category. Details below in the prizes section. Feel free to also enter info such as filament used, layer height, Prusa printer model, etc.

Follow this link to upload a photo of your print.

Our August contest has a very specific theme so please make sure you are printing the correct object by confirming on our facebook page that you're printing the correct stuff. Please note that all images submitted may be used in future advertising of the event or Prusa may use them in their marketing so you're giving us the right to do so by uploading your work here. 


Shout out to Matt the owner of 3DXtech for sponsoring the American winners spool. He has graciously offered a free roll of any color available of his premium Max-G PETG to the winners if they are from the USA. In case you'd like to know their PETG is one of the best we've used so you'll probably get as addicted to it as we are. Now if you're not in the USA Prusa themselves have you covered and will be shipping a roll of their PLA to you in other countries.

1st Place Post Processed - Best print painted, multimaterialed, or otherwise.

1st Place Print Quality - Best print using a single filament, single extruder, single printer.

Additional information

  • Can I modify the STL? Of course but don't lose the initial awesomeness of the original.
  • Can I paint the print? You are encouraged to do so but if you do your print is now in the Post Processed category.
  • How do I know which category I'm in? Please note in your description that your print has been heavily post processed or not.
  • Is my MMU print technically processed or not? Any multicolor print regardless of using an MMU is considered processed so it'll be part of the Post Processed prize pool.
  • What exactly is the Post Processed category? We didn't want someones airbrush skill or access to different technologies to dominate the competitions so we are giving a prize to those who are willing to dedicate their time evolving a print as well as to those who love the technical printing aspect but may not want to learn how to paint or accessorize their print. Paint it, sand it down, prime it, hook up motors, or just make it look really really cool.
  • So what is the Print Quality category then? Here we are judging purely on print quality. You can do very minor physical cleanup like removing support marks, glueing a multi piece print together or clipping off a stray scratchy bit. There is always a tiny bit of cleanup involved in 3d printing and we can't remove that aspect so instead you're allowed a bit of cleanup as long as there isn't any paint, major sanding, sculpting, or other enhancements done. Please message us with questions before submitting if you have trouble with any of the concepts.
  • Can I submit to both categories? You are allowed ONE full entry per contest so pick your favorite category.
  • Can I hookup lights and or robotics? If you want to do so we will allow it.
  • Can I combine my STL with another? Not to the original file but you're welcome to add something to the scene but it can't be larger than the final printed object.
  • Will I be judged on my photo skills? Believe me that a cool picture tempts the likes in all photo contests but we hope it won't be the only deciding factor.
  • Is this contest for anyone? If it's a printer using prusa firmware, you are a member of the Prusa Community Facebook Group, and you live on earth then yes!
  • Can I donate more prizes? We are looking in to adding more options in the future but we are starting out small and seeing how much we can handle.
  • Can I use a print I've already done? In order to qualify you must upload an image of it actually printing and we will be checking metadata so please print it during the print window.
  • Can I enter more than one print? Sorry, only 1 print per person per month.
  • What will my images be used for? Mostly making this site look prettier every month, but also to keep promoting the great makers and the printer they use.
  • Tie breaker rules? To be fair we will let one of the humans who donated prizes be the tie breaking vote.