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Title: Terminator Rex PQ2
Author: tetra
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Description: Description: Tweaked 0.15mm OPTIMAL MK3 Slic3r PE (1.40.0+win64) MK3 [FW:3.3.0-830] Slightly over extruded due to error on my part, and didn't have time to reprint another 😀 pretty bad move for silver PLA 😂 Crated custom supports using blender to support most significant overhangs, but also left out one part doh! Also failed to correctly support a couple teeth, that probably would have survived has it not been for the over-extrusion. Took a bit longer to get printing because I attempted making custom supports in Meshmixer first, but didn't like the results (because I'm a noob and used it badly) I also fixed several issued with the model so help the slicer do a better job of a few overhangs so that they can be printed without support. This let me make a lot fewer support structures. The print took 30hours.