Mega Mods For Your Prusa MK3

So many people want to know what the best upgrades are for their Prusa MK3 and there is a tremendous amount available to all the users out there. I’ve tested a ton of them and continue to print new awesome and some very not so awesome upgrades. I call these essential because they are either quality of life upgrades or they increase print quality.

The list is slowly evolving as more and more time is put into making sure each upgrade is worth it’s weight in the plastic used to print them.


Essentials: Y Axis

Essentials: Frame

essentials: z axis

Essentials: X Axis

Essentials: E Axis

Other Goodies

34 thoughts on “Mega Mods For Your Prusa MK3”

  1. Hello Chris, sorry for being so heavy, I really liked the extruder that you showed last Saturday, could you leave the link in this posto?

    1. Yes. It’s the official Prusa one on their page. I’ll definitely add that and a few other things.

  2. Is there a service you would or can recommend to print all the quality of life parts? I purchased an assembled unit and after some mechanical issues Prusa offered a replacement as another assembled unit or kit form. The amount of times I’ve taken it apart and put back together having these mods would have come in handy! Problem now is that I don’t have a working printer to print them and would really love to assemble the kit being sent with these parts.

    1. If you’re in the facebook group I bet someone could print you a set of parts or 3DHubs.

    1. I saw something similar and saved it. I’ll print these and check them out for sure. Thank you.

  3. Also…the X Axis Ends and Tensioner say you need to change your pulley for a GT2 16…being a mechanical idiot, I checked amazon for them, and there’s several sizes (3mm, 5mm, 8mm)…which one is the correct one? And would we need to get new belts too? or just the pulley?

      1. Thanks a lot, ordered…should be here next week so I can take my printer apart during my long weekend 🙂

      2. That link is just taking me to an overview of the 6 varieties they offer, not actually selecting one .. theres a 5mm bore toothless, 3mm bore toothless-b and 3mm bore toothless-s.

        Which one is it?

  4. Hey Chris, any chance you can add your reasons for these specific upgrades and why you chose these over other, similair ones? I’d like to understand the issues better.

    Also, no Y belt tensioner?

    1. I actually did a facebook livestream installing these which can be found on the facebook book. I went over all of it there and added this as the list BUT you make a good point. When I have a chance I’ll go through and add some thoughts and such to each mod.

      1. Could you provide a static link to the live stream? I can’t seem to find it on the Prusa Community Forum facebook group.

  5. Hi Chris, the zaribo carriage pieces are the same ones that need to be printed in black? (I don’t have black PETG) Miguel

      1. Hi Chris, I have printed and installed the carriage but I really do not know exactly what is the improvement it brings, could you enlighten me one more time?

  6. Hey, Chris. Have any of these been replaced or deprecated by the latest official parts by Prusa?

  7. Chris- i love these articles. I went ahead with the moons motor and am looking at some x-y axis upgrades next.

    A lot of people insist on pulley upgrades… even different styles, and sizes. What is your opinion vs the stock MK3 kit?

  8. Hi Chris, Under X-axis you said to just print the two carriage pieces and not the other ones. Under E-axis you just have Zaribo extruder. So should I just print the whole set of parts that are listed on the page for the MK3.

  9. Are any of these upgrades replaced or invalid since the latest build came out? I think the latest is rev 3 right now. I’m waiting on my kit to arrive and want to make sure which upgrades on here are still valid. I have access to print parts before hand and can have these ready for the build.


  10. Chris

    I inherited a Mk2S from my cousin – he used it some but when I got it it printed a few prints and the RAMBO board died. I just ordered the Mk3 upgrade kit and starting to look to print parts on my old Replicator but am not sure about the parts you listed. feeling very overwhelmed with these improvements and why? Can you help – oh above you listed a video but I looked on you tube and watch a few of your videos but do not see it.

  11. Do you plan on updating these parts at all? This list is 6 month’s old maybe there are some newer parts out there? I’m interested in printing them out, but I don’t want to print out the parts and all the parts get changed.

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